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Saturday, March 9, 2013
Dissension (The Blood Inheritance Trilogy, #1)
Adrienne Monson
Publisher: Jolly Fish Press
Release Date: February 23, 2013
Source: Publisher
Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | The Book Depository
Fists are pumping, bodies gyrating, sweat dripping—booming music drowns out all other noise in the dark club. Leisha, dressed in skimpy, revealing clothes, eyes her victim. As soon as he sets eyes on her, she knows he's hers. He becomes excited as despicable thoughts of murder run through his mind, all readable by Leisha's abnormal senses. After a bit of small talk, they are soon both out the door, Leisha pushed against the wall. The man pulls out a knife, ready to cut up this beautiful woman. Leisha smiles as she deflects the knife and bites into his neck, sucking every ounce of life from this abominable man.
It wasn't always this way.
Leisha was once a loving mother with an ideal family. Though this was over two thousand years ago, Leisha still holds that time dear to her heart. But for now, she must focus on trying to escape the eternal and bloody war between her kind—the Vampires—and the Immortals, an undying race sworn to destroy her people. Soon, Leisha finds herself captured by the government only to be saved by a young and mysterious human girl. What entails is the beginning of a long and torturous journey as Leisha and her newfound friend run for their lives while searching for the one thing that can end it all—the prophecy child.

Vampires, you guys! I was nervous to read that book because vampires are an often-overused paranormal, but it sounded so good that I had to read it anyway. And I am so, so happy that I did! Dissension really blew me away with it's uniqueness and it was as intense and suspenseful as I could have hoped for. It was not a disappointment at all and I was definitely kept up late reading it. 

I loved Leisha from the very beginning. She doesn't take any nonsense from anyone. She knows who she is and what she's capable of and if anyone stands in her way they had better be prepared. However, we quickly learn that her outward appearance is built up to mask her inner vulnerability. She's a vampire, yes, but she never wanted to be. I loved reign the conflict in her head of the choices she made, and how regret and the need for survival became intertwined. 
Samantha, at first glance, is a relatively ordinary girl. Except that she isn't. She has visions sometimes, but she's learned to keep that a secret. However, that doesn't keep her from acting on them, which is how she ends up getting mixed up with Leisha and the vampires. She's determined and brave, and while she's young she doesn't let people walk all over her. 

There are love interests...but right now I'm not going to go into detail about them. I will say they are fantastically layered characters and neither of them is who they seem to be at first, but talking about them without spoiling something seems a daunting task.

Dissension not only brings an entirely new game to the table where vampires are concerned, but takes the much-overused idea of a prophecy and makes it into something new and creative that I fell head over heels for. There's intrigue, drama, romance–and nothing is ever as it first seems.

There were tons of plot twists, and lots of things that changed as time went on. There was also great character dynamic. The relationship between Leisha and Samantha was a favorite. Even though they met by crazy circumstance, they formed a strong sisterly bond of love and seeing that in action was moving. The other character relationships were just as detailed. 

Furthermore, I loved the pacing. It moved quickly enough that I couldn't put it down but not so quickly that I got lost. And everything that happened fit into the story somehow. There were no mundane scenes that stuck out to me as being irrelevant, and sometimes things look bleak only to come together by pure coincidence. 

This book also involves flashback, which you guys probably know I can be iffy about, but the way it was done left no room for dissatisfaction. Leisha's memories are clear, and the way her past fits into her present is smooth. 

As I mentioned above, Dissension is a unique and original vampire story. Te vampires in this book do draw from traditional vampires in some ways, but the ways they don't set them apart and that's what's made me really like them. They break from the status quo. 

Dissension was overall a fun, suspenseful book with a fabulous plot and spectacular character dynamic. 

Dissension doesn't have a ton of romance, which actually really worked for me in this book. There is a little, but it's not the main focus at all, and it's more of a precursor than anything. You can see a few different pairings set up, but nothing really happens. I enjoyed seeing the chemistry and in some cases history between the characters but at the same time it was really nice to have this as a side plot. Of course, I'm definitely looking forward to more romance in the next book. 

For a debut novel, Dissension has layered, detailed writing and a complex world. It isn't fully fleshed out as much as I would have liked but it is a first book so there's likely to be more. The writing borders on simplistic at times and becomes more vivid in others, creating slight inconsistencies, but overall I still found it enjoyable and easy to immerse myself in. 

I was very, very happy with the note that Dissension ended on. Without feeling overly dramatic or random, it still left me wanting so much more. There's not much closure but there's definitely going to be more to come and enough was resolved in the end that I don't feel like it's being dragged out. I think this was very well thought out and I'm impressed. 

I definitely loved this book, and getting the next book is high on my list of priorities. I'm definitely a fan now and will let Adrienne lead me wherever she feels like it. I'd absolutely recommend this, too! Vampire and paranormal fans, you've met your match. This is considered an adult book but it has a lot of crossover appeal. 


 photo roserating_zps76d2c1ab.png photo roserating_zps76d2c1ab.png photo roserating_zps76d2c1ab.png photo roserating_zps76d2c1ab.png

So, then I have a nice little interview that Adrienne was sweet enough to  do for me! It's super fun and she's super sweet, so that makes for an awesome combination. Some of these answers actually made me really, really, excited.

Hi, Adrienne! Welcome to Sparkles and Lightning!

Thanks, Annabelle! I’m so excited to be here today.

What is your favorite line from Dissension?

It was hard to find one that I’d call my favorite, but one that I really like: “They were close enough to kiss; the energy that flowed between their bodies was of a charged violence with an undertone of undeniable chemistry.”

Could you describe Dissension using only a few words?

Action-packed. Reluctant vampire. Dutiful immortal.

What made you decide to write about vampires? Did you do it because they are popular right now or in spite of that popularity?

In spite of it. I fell in love with vampire fiction in the sixth grade. In fact, I was nervous when it became so popular because I knew that would make it more difficult to publish my book.

Your characters are compelling, and none of them are as simple as they first appear. Was it a lot of work to think of their individual stories, or did they come naturally to you?

Actually, that took a lot of work. Characterization was a weakness that I’ve been able to turn into a strength – after a lot of trial and error. J

What types of books did you read when you were a teen? Were there any in particular that left a mark on you?

A little bit of everything. Stephen King and Ann Rice were some early favorites. I also enjoyed Terry Goodkind, Robert Jordan, Kay Hooper, and Tami Hoag. (As you may have gleaned, I love to read!) Interview with the Vampire was definitely inspiring.

Can you hint at what’s next for Leisha and everyone? ;)

I don’t want to give much away, but let’s just say you’ll be seeing more romance for both Leisha and Samantha in the next book.

What types of activities do you do when you’re not writing?

I’m a stay-at-home-mom, so I spend a lot of time with my kids. I also love reading (surprise, surprise!), Zumba, kickboxing, and weightlifting. And delicious food – can’t forget that. I enjoy trying new recipes.

Are you more of a morning person or a night owl?

Night owl! But my husband and kids all get up early, so I’m trying to adjust the way my body functions… it’s a slow process.

Thank you so much for dropping by, Adrienne! It was lovely to have you here!

Thanks for having me! It’s always fun to talk about myself. ;)

I have always had a voracious appetite for reading, which I think I inherited from my dad. I love all different kinds of fiction and will sometimes stay up all night to finish a well written book. When I was eleven, I had an obsession with vampires and immersed myself in every kind of vampire literature. That may be why the first novel I have written is about vampires. Of course, everyone has their own version of what kinds of powers vampires have and where they come from. I am no different.
The genre I write is Paranormal. My first novel is Dissension, book one of the Blood Inheritance trilogy. It will come out on February 23rd of 2013. In the meantime, I am finishing and polishing the rest of the trilogy. Once finished with that project, I’ll be working on a demon novel.
I live in Utah with my husband and two kids, whom I love with all my heart. I love Zumba, kickboxing, and weightlifting. I also love yummy foods, so I don’t look like a workout guru.

And, as promised, a giveaway. I'll be giving away my ARC of Dissension to one lucky winner, and a finished copy to a second lucky winner. I'm lazy and don't feel like making a rafflecopter so you can enter by leaving a meaningful comment on this post. You can comment once a day if you really want to to get more entries since there's always at least one person who asks that. Oh yeah, and leave your email. I suppose I'll keep this giveaway open until…oh, March 31. The end of the month. So, good luck!

That's pretty much it for today, darlings!

 photo annasig_zpsd60c2d3f.png


  1. A very helpful review thank you. "New and creative" work well for me.

    I like the idea of a "reluctant vampire".


  2. Oh this sounds neat, I hadn't heard of it before. I love vampires who actually behave like they should.

  3. Thanks for the great review! This sounds very interesting :)

  4. I have not heard of this book before either. I love vampires and while there has been a lot of vampire books this one does sound different. Thanks so much for the review and interview. I look forward to reading this book.

    pefrw at yahoo dot com

  5. I had never heard of this book. It sounds interesting! I havent read a vampire book in a while and this one sounds different.I also really enjoyed the interview. I love when those are added to a review.

    Kbarban at live dot com

  6. I'm always happy when an author can take something common (like vampires) and still make it awesome and unique! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  7. I've read so many books with vampires, that I am reluctant to read one more. But thos book sounds so good!

  8. This is new to me so thank you for your thoughts and the giveaway! Looks like an interesting book! Thanks!
    saltsnmore at yahoo dot com

  9. I never, ever tire of the vampire genre and it never ceases to amaze me the different twists and turns writers are able to pull out of their writing caps to keep this genre freash.


    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  10. Based on the cover, it seems like a pretty scary book! But thanks for the review that it's not the typical vamp novel.

    reviewsbyabby at gmail dot com


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