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Friday, November 2, 2012
Hi there, darlings! It's my stop at the blog tour for The Disappearance of Grace. For my stop there's a review of this fabulous book. Enjoy! Oh, and there's also an excerpt and a giveaway. SO, keep reading!
The Disappearance of Grace
Vincent Zandri
Publisher: StoneHouse Ink
Release Date: September 11, 2012
Source: Blog tour
Goodreads | Purchase
Now you see her. Now you don’t...
Captain Nick Angel has finally made a separate peace with the war in Afghanistan. Since having been ordered to bomb a Tajik village which resulted in the death of a little boy of no more than two, he’s been suffering from temporary bouts of blindness. Knowing the he needs time to rest and recover from his post traumatic stress, the US Army decides to send him to Venice along with his fiancee, the artist, Grace Blunt. Together they try and recapture their former life together. But when Grace suddenly goes missing, Nick not only finds himself suddenly alone and sightless in the ancient city of water, but also the number one suspect in her disappearance.
A novel that projects Hitchcockian suspense onto a backdrop of love and war, The Disappearance of Grace is a rich, literary thriller of fear, loss, love, and revenge. From the war in the Afghan mountains to the canals of romantic Venice, this is a story that proves 20/20 eyesight might not always be so perfect and seeing is not always believing.
I didn't love this, but I liked it. It was very different from what I was expecting. It was a little romance, and a lot mystery. The plot was twisted and complicated to our narrator, and I liked that. There were several layers to the novel and it's not by any means superficial. It was fantastic. I don't read too much mystery, but when I do I usually choose good ones, and in this case I did! It was a wonderful break in the norm and was intensely wonderful.

Nick is the somewhat blind main character of our novel. He was very dynamic and has an impressive character arc. He's a captain in the US army, and he's haunted by the war and things that happened in Afghanistan. I have a very personal connection to the war in Afghanistan so I truly do feel his pain and felt connected to him through this.

For all that she wasn't in the book much, Grace was all right. I didn't totally love her but I didn't hate her. I feel like she was a generally confused but not awful character. She had several problems, but overall I think she was a good person. She's not at an easy point in her life, and she's handling it as best she can.

There are some other secondary characters, but every time I try to talk about them it gets too spoilery, so I'll just leave it.

Nothing was laid out clearly. I loved, loved, loved that. Eventually, I figured it out and realized that everything should have been obvious from the beginning. But that's how the best mysteries are. Overthinking is our destruction more than anything.

I loved this way you couldn't figure anything out. Who's trying to help Nick? Why is so-and-so getting involved? It was a constant mystery as to that, and it made for some very intense moments.

It was kind of confusing, though. I wasn't always sure what was going on, and that was frustrating. I also feel like there were some random questions that were potentially interesting ask and then faded away to nothing.

Also, some things just seemed too obvious, so that was a bit irritating. Still, there are worse things. IT wasn't blazingly obvious or anything.

I liked it, but it wasn't without its faults, you know?

It gets extra points, though, for being unique. Because I truly loved this concept and feel that the whole blindness factor really played into the uniqueness and awesomeness of this novel. I felt the disappearance played out very well and overall, I liked the way it was all done.

While there wasn't too much romance, there was some, so yes, I shall mention it. I like the romance between Nick and Grace. Mostly, though, I love the way Grace isn't entirely sure of it. I like that she struggles with his blindness. I love the way they have to work through that. And of course, I love the way Nick will do anything to find her when it would be easier to give up. Pretty much the only thing that annoyed me here was that he sometimes calls her his wife even though they aren't married yet.

Vincent has fantastic writing. He writes in Nick's voice, and Nick is a very charismatic and likable hero. He isn't dull, and he certainly also isn't perfect. His voice and thoughts reflect that, but the best part about him is that he can almost pass for just any other person. He doesn't have to be the most interesting person on the planet. I especially like the description, and I think the dialogue between the characters was fabulous too.

The ending was sweet, and I liked the conclusion. It wasn't all perfect, and it wasn't all happiness. There was a theme of starting over. It was a really difficult situation to go through, and I wasn't sure at all how it was going to end. I'm pleased with the way it did.

I was surprised by how much I liked this. Although it wasn't a perfect read, it still intrigued me. I though that while some things were too obvious, it was in general very fun. It kept me interested, for sure. I think that I would recommend it to mystery lovers, and those who are new to the genre. It's an exciting book I think that it shows major potential.

Vincent Zandri is the No. 1 International Bestselling Amazon author of THE INNOCENT, GODCHILD, THE REMAINS, MOONLIGHT FALLS, CONCRETE PEARL, MOONLIGHT RISES, SCREAM CATCHER, BLUE MOONLIGHT and MURDER BY MOONLIGHT. He is also the author of the Amazon bestselling digital shorts, PATHOLOGICAL, TRUE STORIES and MOONLIGHT MAFIA. Harlan Coben has described THE INNOCENT (formerly As Catch Can) as "...gritty, fast-paced, lyrical and haunting," while the New York Post called it "Sensational...Masterful...Brilliant!" Zandri's list of publishers include Delacorte, Dell, StoneHouse Ink, StoneGate Ink and Thomas & Mercer. An MFA in Writing graduate of Vermont College, Zandri's work is translated into many languages including the Dutch, Russian, and Japanese. An adventurer, foreign correspondent, and freelance photo-journalist for RT, Globalspec, IBTimes and more, he lives in Albany, New York. For more go to his website.


The wind picks up off the basin.
It seems to seep right through my leather coat into flesh, skin and bone. I try and hold my face up to the sun while the waiter takes our orders. Grace orders a single glass of vino russo and a pancetta and cheese panini. I forgo the Valpolicella and order a Moretti beer and a simple spaghetti pomadoro. The waiter thanks us and I listen to him leaving us for now.
We sit in the calm of the early afternoon, the sounds of the boat traffic coming and going on the basin filling my ears. People surround us on all sides. Tourists who have come to San Marco for the first time and who’ve become mesmerized by it all. I don’t have to physically see them to know how they feel. The stone square, the Cathedral, the bell tower, the many shops and high- end eateries that occupy the wide, square-shaped perimeter. The pigeons. The people. Always the throngs of people coming and going amidst a chorus of bells, bellowing voices, live music emerging from trumpets, violins, and guitars, and an energetic buzz that seems to radiate up from underneath all that stone and sea-soaked soil.

It’s early November.
Here’s what I know about Venice: In just a few week’s’ time, the rains will come and this square will be underwater. The ever sinking Venice floods easily now. The only way to walk the square will be over hastily constructed platforms made from cobbled narrow planks. Many of the tourists will stay away and the live music will be silenced. But somehow, that’s when Venice will come alive more than ever. When the stone is bathed in water.
The waiter brings our drinks and food.With the aroma of the hot spaghetti filling my senses, I dig in and spoon up a mouthful. I wash the hot, tangy sauce-covered pasta down with a swallow of red wine.
“Whoa, slow down, chief,” Grace giggles.

“Eating, smiling, making love to me. What’s next? Writing?”
“Don’t press your luck, Gracie,” I say. “The sea change can occur at any moment. Just don’t start asking me to identify engagement rings.”
She laughs genuinely and I listen to the sounds of her taking a bite out of her sandwich. But then she goes quiet again. Too quiet, as if she’s stopped breathing altogether.
“There’s someone staring at us,” she says under her breath.
“Man or woman?” I say, trying to position my gaze directly across the table at her, but making out nothing more than her black silhouette framed against the brightness of the sun. Later on, when the sun goes down, the image of her will be entirely black. Like the blackness of the Afghan Tajik country when the fires are put out and you lie very still inside your tent without the benefit of electronic night vision, and you feel the beating of your never- still heart and you pray for morning.

“Man,” she whispers.
“What’s he look like?”
“It’s him again. The man in the overcoat who was staring at us yesterday.”
A start in my heart. I put my fork down inside my bowl. “Are you sure?”
“Yes. I think. He’s wearing sunglasses this time. So,. I think it’s him.”
“What’s he look like?”
“He’s a thin man. Not tall. Not short. He’s got a dark complexion.”
“No. More like Asian or Middle Eastern. He’s wearing sunglasses and that same brown overcoat and a scarf. His hair is black and cut close to his scalp. His beard is very trim and cropped close to his face.” She exhales. I hear her take a quick, nervous sip of her wine. “He keeps staring at us. At me. Just like yesterday, Nick.”
“How do you know he’s staring at you? It could be something behind you, Grace. We’re in Venice. Lots going on behind you. Lots to see.”
She’s stirring in her chair. Agitated.
“Because I can feel him. His eyes…I. Feel. His. Eyes.”
I wipe my mouth clean with the cloth napkin. I do something entirely silly. I turn around in my chair to get a look at the man. As if I have the ability to see him right now, which I most definitely do not.

“What are you doing?” Grace poses, the anxiety in her voice growing more intense with each passing second.
“Trying to get a look at him.”
“You’re joking, Nick.”
I turn back, try and focus on her.
“You think?”
We sit silent.Once more I am helpless and impotent.
“I’m sorry,” she says after a time. “I’m not trying to insult you. This isn’t like yesterday with the ring. But this man is at the same café we’re at two days in a row? This is really starting to creep me out, babe.”
My pulse begins to pump inside my head. Not rapid, but just enough for me to notice. Two steady drum beats against my temples. I find myself wanting to swallow, but my mouth has gone dry. I take a sip of beer thinking it will help.

“He’s coming towards us, Nick. I don’t like it.”
Heart beat picks up. I feel it pounding inside my head and my chest.

“Are you sure he’s coming towards us, Grace?” I’m trying not to raise my voice, but it’s next to impossible.
“He’s looking right at me. His hands are stuffed in the pockets of his overcoat. And he’s coming.”
I feel and hear Grace pulling away from the table. She’s standing. That’s when the smell of incense sweeps over me. A rich, organic, incense-like smell.

There comes the sound of Grace standing. Abruptly standing. I hear her metal chair push out. I hear the sound of her boot heels on the cobbles. I hear the chair legs scraping against the stone slate. I hear the sound of her wine glass spilling.

“Grace, for God’s sakes, be careful.”
But she doesn’t respond to me. Or is it possible her voice is drowned out by what sounds like a tour group passing by the table? A tour group of Japanese speaking people. But once they pass, there is nothing. No sound at all other than the boats on the basin and the constant murmur of the thousands of tourists that fill this ancient square.

“Grace,” I say. “Grace. Stop it. This isn’t funny. Grace.”
But there’s still no response.The smell of incense is gone now.
I make out the gulls flying over the tables, the birds shooting in from the basin to pick up scraps of food and then, like thieves in the night, shooting back out over the water. I can hear and feel the sound-wave driven music that reverberates against the stone cathedral.
“Grace,” I repeat, voice louder now. “Grace. Grace…Grace!”
I’m getting no response.
It’s like she’s gone. Vanished. But how can she be gone? She was just sitting here with me. She was sitting directly across from me, eating a sandwich and drinking a glass of wine. She was talking with me.The waiter approaches.
“The signora is not liking her food?” he questions.

I reach out across the table. In the place where she was sitting. She is definitely not there.
“Is there a toilet close by?” I pose. “Did you see my fiancée leave the table and go to the toilet?”
The waiter pauses for a moment.
“I am sorry. But I did not. I was inside the café.”
“Then maybe somebody else saw her. Maybe you can ask them.”
“Signor, there are many tables in this café and they are all filled with people. And there are many people who walk amongst the tables who can block their view. I am looking at them. No one seems to be concerned about anything. Sometimes there are so many people here, it is easy to get lost. Perhaps she just went to the toilet like you just suggested, and she got lost amongst the people. I will come back in moment and make sure all is well.”
I listen to the waiter leaving, his footsteps fading against the slate.
Grace didn’t say anything about going to the toilet or anywhere else. Grace was frightened. She was frightened of a man who was staring at her. A man with sunglasses on and a cropped beard and a long brown overcoat. He was the man from yesterday. The man with black eyes. He was approaching us, this man. He came to our table and he smelled strongly of incense. He came to our table. There was a slight commotion, the spilling of a glass, the knocking over of a chair, and then Grace was gone.

I sit and stare at nothing. My heart is pounding so fast I think it will cease at any moment. What I have in the place of vision is a blank wall of blurry illumination no longer filled with the silhouette of my Grace.

I push out my chair. Stand. My legs knock into the table and my glass spills along with Grace’s.

I cup my hands around my mouth.
“Grace!” I shout. “Grace! Grace!”
The people who surround me all grow quiet as I scream over them.
The waiter comes running back over.
“Please, please,” he says to me, taking me by the arm. “Please come with me.”
He begins leading me through the throng of tables and people. He is what I have now in the place of Grace. He is my sight.
“She’s gone, isn’t she?” I beg. “Did you check the toilets?”
“We checked the toilets. They are empty. I am sorry. I am sure there is an explanation.”
“Grace is gone!” I shout. “A man took her away. How could no one have seen it?”
“You’re frightening the patrons, signor. Please just come with me and we will try and find her.”
“She’s gone,” I repeat. “Don’t you understand me? My. Grace. Is. Gone.”

So, then. I was lucky enough to be chosen to host a giveaway for this tour. I'll be giving away a copy of not this book, but of Vincent Zandri's THE CONCRETE PEARL.

So, you know, please read my Giveaways page before entering. That would be real nice of you! xx

Good luck, all. I hope you've enjoyed this post! You people rock my world. Keep on being awesome for me.



  1. This book sounds quite exciting-love the extract!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Great post!

  3. The excerpt is awesome! Glad you loved the pace:)

  4. Not something Id normally read but sounds good. I like the sound of Nick :)

  5. I've never heard of this book before; it's good to be introduced to new reads. :) I've never read anything like this before but I'm willing to give it a try. The synopsis is quite intriguing, especially where it says that 'seeing is not always believing'.

  6. A lot of mystery with twists works well for me. I am looking forward to this.

  7. This sounds like a really great read though I will most likely not read it. I have a love / hate relationship with suspense novels. At the moment I think I like my nails long and pretty so I am trying to keep away from any suspense novels and movies. Thanks for the review!

  8. Great review! I haven't heard of this book before today, so thanks for getting it on my radar. I'm glad that you liked it - it sounds like an interesting read!

  9. Ohhh a new book! suspense and mystery sounds interesting :D

  10. Wow! I like a book with a lot of layers and mystery and this sounds perfect! So many books are predictable these days so I was happy to read that there was so much mysery and surprise in the plot and that it has a wonderful ending! I've never heard of this book but after reading your comments, I am very interested! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I've been looking for a complicated and intense mystery -- thank you for reviewing. Your review definitely makes me want to pick this up!!

  12. I had never heard of this book before, thanks for sharing! Mysteries were the first genre I loved, but I don't actually read them much anymore for some reasons. Reading this makes me want to get back in to mysteries!


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